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Me Time.

Oh good, it’s time for me to walk the tight rope of explaining who I think I am without dipping into a braggy tone, or to the other side into complete self-depreciation.

I was born n raised deep in a St Louis suburb where I lived on a hill above an abandoned road that the county turned into a walking trail in hopes to pave over its urban legend as a spot where cool teens in the 70s practiced satanism. My Great Grand Uncle bought n sold the Cardinals so I come from a long line of impulse buyers. I went off to school in New York for two years with the hope that I could fake my way past math classes and become an architect. That plan crashed and burned so I turned back to my oldest passion, writing.

Wanna know about my lil secret claim to fame?

I left the city and went south to Alabama. As an openly gay kid who has the athletic competence of a jello mold, I never expected to find myself completely washed over in a crimson tide so quickly that now my closet is dominated by Bama shirts. Deep in the South, I found a place I felt I belonged in. Being in a college town I got to enjoy the dynamic magic that comes from being in a blue dot in a deep red state. The clash of ideas united through collegiate pride was such a beautifully strange experience. So following my new found love for liberal islands, I came to Austin for portfolio school at Austin Creative Department.

Now I live as another transplant in a garden of out of staters flowering in the Texan soils of Austin. Trying to find my place in a field of creatives.