Welcome Curious Stranger

I hope you enjoy this reward,

for actually reading my about me, or at least noticing it had more to it than just self centered story telling. I will gift you with what I still feel is a bold mix of pure embarrassment, and how strange life can be.

During my time trying to figure out who I'd want to actually be in New York, I accidentally found my fifteen minutes of fame.

I was in a dorm with a fellow student who had a solid following on Youtube and one day asked if I'd be in a sketch idea. I would be wearing a mask so why not right? After a few months, he would bust into rooms glowing with pride that the video was being copied around the world. " oh neat" I'd say to mask my growing fear that maybe hundreds of thousands of strangers have seen me gyrate awkwardly in an alien costume. That fear would be confirmed when my mom sent a copy of a gossip magazine with a screenshot of me in the costume talking about the newest viral craze, the Harlem Shake. This one time I say yes to something and it leads to this. As embarrassed as I feel with my mark being that dance, I will never forget how it was my ticket to see Singapore before turning 19. We were invited to perform at this award show for Youtube and do the Harlem Shake live in front of an audience with Jessica Alba hosting. The foundation for my growing anxiety to this day. In all seriousness, It was a truly magical moment in my life. One that I still humble brag about to this day.

So please, enjoy this video and knowing that the grey alien is the same person who made this portfolio and is asking you to take them seriously as a person in advertising.